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Unit mechanics are a collection of common features of many Prismata units.

Basic mechanics[edit | edit source]

This particular mechanics are seen on nearly every unit.

Units aren't free. They typically require some basic resources to purchase them.
Build time Build time
Most units do not become active immediately after being purchased. Build time is the number of turns before this happens. For most units, this is simply one turn.
Health Health
Health is the amount of attack required to destroy a unit. Most units heal from any damage they survive between turns.

Special mechanics[edit | edit source]

Blocker Blocker
This unit adds its health to a player's defense value during a turn. With some exceptions, opponents must damage blockers before any other units.
Ability Ability
A click ability is an optional effect a unit can have on a turn. This is usually a tradeoff: when blockers use their ability, their health is no longer added to defense for that turn.
Attack Attack
Attack is the amount of damage a unit can contribute in attacking opponent units between turns. Some units contribute this automatically at the start of a turn, but many others must use their click ability to contribute to it. This damage becomes part of a player's attack value during a turn.
Chill Chill
Chill is similar to damage in that it is added to attack value, helping to overcome defense, but it can only prevent enemy units from blocking. This happens only if an enemy unit is chilled for an amount equal to its health.
Prompt Prompt
Prompt units are blockers with zero build time and begin blocking the same turn they are purchased. They cannot use their click ability on that round, however.
Fragile Fragile
Fragile units do not heal from damage.
Stamina Stamina
Some units have limited stamina and can only use their click ability a set number of times.
Exhaust Exhaust
Exhaust can apply to either a unit's turn-start effect or to its click ability. Exhaust indicates that the respective feature is disabled for a set number of turns after use.
Lifespan Lifespan
Some units have a set lifespan of a specific number of turns.
Frontline Frontline
Players can directly assign damage to enemy units with Frontline, even without wiping out or breaching.
Some units sacrifice themselves as part of their start-turn effect, while others do so when they use their click ability.