The Solar Fields (Expert Challenge)

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The Solar Fields is the fifth mission of the first episode in Prismata. Complete all the missions of the episode to unlock the expert mission challenges. This mission is a time challenge, where the enemy will overwhelm you with numbers after several turns, if you cannot breach first. After the 4th Gunbot Forge becomes online on turn 15, it becomes almost impossible to survive. Below are hints and one opening that you can win easily from.

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The sooner you get drones, the more money they will make you during a game, more of a reason for early Gilded Drones. Together with the Advocate, these are more efficient than units available in the standard player versus player game.

Victory window message
Even at a price of 30BBB, the Advocate would likely still be massively overpowered in competitive Prismata.

Solution[edit | edit source]

Info: There are a few solutions (varying from 2 openings) to this mission. Only the more economic opening is described here.

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You cannot win the mission with The Advocate damage alone, you also need Steelsplitters.
More may be possible, three to four Blastforges however are sufficient to succeed.
In the most heated part of the mission (when there are three Gunbot Forges), the damage dealt by the enemy can be optimally absorbed without — or with very few — engineers.
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By the end of turn 7 have eight of both types of drones, 6 Engineers, 1 Wall and the Advocate queued to be ready next turn. (there appears to be a solution with the Advocate building on turn 6, but the author couldn't win from there :)
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Turn 1: Build EEEE
Turn 2: GG (Gilded Drones)
Turn 3: E GG
Turn 4: B E GG
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Turn 5: B D EEE G W
Turn 6: B E G W
Turn 7: Build the Advocate, defend with two Drones
Turn 8: B S WW
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Turn 9: E S WWW
Turn 10:D WWWW
Turn 11:EEE WWWW (kill four Gunbots)
Turn 12:E WWWW (kill a Gunbot Forge, defend with one Drone)
Turn 13: E WWWW (kill seven Gunbots)
Turn 14: EE WWWW
Build four Walls and one or two Engineers every round while slowly destroying the enemy Gunbots and Gunbot Factories. As soon as the enemy can't really threaten your defense anymore, replace the build Walls slowly with Steelsplitters.