The Road to Tauren Prime (Expert Challenge)

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The Road to Tauren Prime is the 1st mission of the second episode in the Campaign. The mission occurs in three phases during which the player must overcome substantial defenses before the AI builds an overwhelming force.

Victory window message
Phase 3 of this challenge admits a solution in which only 2 Grenade Mech clicks are used. Can you find it?

Hints and solution[edit | edit source]

General hints and tips[edit | edit source]

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In each phase, the Exo Structor should be destroyed as soon as possible. It is sometimes even worth allowing a breach to destroy.
Timing Grenade Mech clicks in Phase 3 is key.

Solution[edit | edit source]

In the solution tables below, assume all Drones and all attackers are clicked every turn unless they appear in the "Hold Back" column.

Phase 1[edit | edit source]

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Turn Build Order Hold Back Enemies to Target
1. W11
2. EE111 All Pixies
3. D111 2xGunbot
4. S11 3xGunbot
5. S11 3xGunbot
6. S11 1xPixie 3xGunbot
7. W11 1xExo Structor
8. S11 5xGunbot
9. S11 1xGunbot Forge, 2xGunbot
10. W 1xGunbot Forge, 3xGunbot
11. S 1xGunbot Forge, 1xGunbot
12. PHASE COMPLETED 2xTough Gunbot

Phase 2[edit | edit source]

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Turn Build Order Hold Back Enemies to Target
13. DB
14. BW
15. 2
16. 2 All Pixies
17. 2 All Pixies
18. WS 1xGunbot
19. 2 4xGunbot
20. S1 1xDrone 1xExo Structor, 2xGunbot
21. S 1xGunbot Forge, 3xGunbot
22. 1xGunbot Forge, 1xTough Gunbot
23. PHASE COMPLETED 1xTough Gunbot, 1xGunbot

Phase 3[edit | edit source]

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Turn Build Order Units to Click Hold Back Enemies to Target
24. BBE
25. E3 Steelsplitter
26. E3 Steelsplitter, All Pixies
27. 3 2xGrenade Mech Steelsplitter, 3xPixie
28. BBE None; you will be breached this turn 3xGunbot
29. W1 Grenade Mech 4xGunbot
30. W Steelsplitter 1xExostructor, 1xGunbot
31. W 1xGrenade Mech Steelsplitter 3xGunbot
32. BB Steelsplitter 6xGunbot
33. 11 2xGrenade Mech Steelsplitter 3xGunbot
34. BB Steelsplitter 2xGunbot Forge, 3xGunbot
35. W 2xGrenade Mech 1xGunbot, 1xTough Gunbot
36. VICTORY 1x Gunbot Forge, 1x Tough Gunbot, 1x Gunbot