The Mines (Expert Challenge)

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The Mines is the 3rd mission of the third episode in the Campaign. The mission forces the player to manage offense, defense with low absorb, and energy supply while faced with a foe with infinite reinforcements.

Victory window message
Surprisingly, it is better to go for attackers first rather than to build the Sector Scanner as soon as possible.

Hints and solution[edit | edit source]

General hints and tips[edit | edit source]

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You have very little absorb in this mission, so clearing attackers is a high priority.
The enemies in this mission come into play delayed, not under construction, so you may attack them as soon as you have breached all defenders.
As the victory window suggests, it is better to try to reach a stable position before constructing the Scanner than it is to get in an early scan or two.

Solution[edit | edit source]

Once the Sector Scanner has been constructed, it should be clicked every turn.

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Turn Build Order Attack With
1. DA
2. DRT
3. DTT
4. DERT 1xRhino
5. CETT 1xRhino
6. DERT 2xRhino
8. ERT1 1xRhino
9. ERR 1xRhino
10. CCERR 4xRhino
11. DERR 4xRhino
12. 222 4xRhino
13. 2
15. 2xRhino