The Invasion

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The Invasion is the final mission in The Onslaught section of Challange Pack 3. It is the only mission in the pack with a difficulty rating of three skulls.

Victory window message
Congratulations! This puzzle is a monster. Many Lunarch developers and testers took multiple hours to complete it. Well done.

Hints and solution[edit | edit source]

General hints and tips[edit | edit source]

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It's impossible to keep their Zemora from firing at all, but don't let it fire twice. Try to leave the enemy with 15 Gaussite when you finish off their last Conduit
It's possible to complete this mission without building a single Tarsier or Gauss Cannon
Destroying the Gauss Fabricator quickly enough that it would be worthwhile would necessitate leaving the Conduits alive longer and allow the Zemora to fire twice.

Starting Turns[edit | edit source]

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1. DC
2. DA
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Turn Build Order Attack
3. 12
4. D12 (Gauss Cannon)
5. 3C Gauss Cannon (Conduit)

Solution[edit | edit source]

Units in (parentheses) the attack column are damaged but not destroyed.

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Turn Build Order Hold Back Attack
1. DC
2. DA
3. 12
4. D12 (Gauss Cannon)
5. 3C Gauss Cannon (Conduit)
6. F12 Conduit Conduit Conduit
7. 22 111 (Gauss Cannon)
8. 22 Gauss Cannon
9. 3 DDD
10. F2 D Gauss Cannon (Gauss Cannon)
11. F2 Gauss Cannon
12. EFF Gauss Cannon
13. E Gauss Cannon
14. E Gauss Cannon
15. VICTORY Gauss Cannon