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Resources produced by various units are used to purchase more units during each turn.

There are six basic resources in Prismata, though some units have costs beyond these, such as attack, defense, and even other units. Among this six resources, three are referred to as technologies: Green resourcegreen, Blue resourceblue and Red resourcered.

Choosing a technology is the way to gain access to production of various Units, as the only units with solely GoldGold cost are the Engineer and Auric Impulse.

Gold Gold The primary resource, there are few very units in the game that do not have any gold cost.
Energy Energy Used mostly to purchase certain colorless units, it is most useful for helping to improve one's economy. Unused energy is lost between turns.
Green resource Green resource (Gaussite) Used mostly to purchase the high-tech energy-themed green units, along with green-blue, green-red, and green-blue-red units.
Blue resource Blue resource (Behemium) Used mostly to purchase the mechanized and structural blue units, along with green-blue, blue-red, and green-blue-red units. Unused blue resource is lost between turns.
Red resource Red resource (Replicase) Used mostly to purchase the biological red units, along with green-red, blue-red, and green-blue-red units. Unused red resource is lost between turns.
Attack Attack Power Used to destroy enemy units and pay some costs. Unused attack power is lost between turns. Enemy units take damage based on the amount of attack power lost this way

Economic units of the basic set[edit | edit source]

There are five primarily economic units in the basic set, one for each resource above except attack power: