Tandem (Expert Challenge)

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Tandem is the 2nd mission of the second episode in the Campaign. The mission is a test of endurance where the player attempts to hold the attacking forces at bay while Anya builds up enough Tarsiers and Shadowfangs to defeat the enemy forces.

Victory window message
Anya's build order is the infamous player 2 Shadowfang rush: DD/DA/AT. Player 1 can defeat this opening using units in the Prismata base set.

Hints and solution[edit | edit source]

General hints and tips[edit | edit source]

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After turn 4, you should never allow a Gunbot to attack you.
You'll need at least one Grenade Mech, and you will need to use its click ability fairly aggressively.

Solution[edit | edit source]

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Turn Build Order Units to Click Enemies to Target
1. DD
2. BB
3. 2
4. 3
5. B11 Grenade Mech 4xGunbot
6. 2 2xGunbot, 3xTough Gunbot
7. EEW1 Grenade Mech 3x Gunbot
8. EW Grenade Mech 3xGunbot, 4xTough Gunbot
9. EEB (Hold back 1xPixie) 4xGunbot
10. EW Grenade Mech (Hold back 2xDrone, 1xPixie) 4xGunbot, 4xTough Gunbot
11. B 5xGunbot, 1xTough Gunbot
12. W Grenade Mech (Hold back 3xDrone) 5xGunbot, 5xTough Gunbot
13. (Hold back 1xDrone) 9x Gunbot
14. 11xGunbot, 3xGunbot Forge, 1xTough Gunbot
15. 6x Gunbot, 5xGunbot Forge, 1x Tough Gunbot
16. VICTORY 3x Gunbot, 2xGunbot Forge, 2x Tough Gunbot