Short Supply (Expert Challenge)

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Short Supply is the 7th mission of the second episode in the Campaign. The player starts this mission with most of their stock of units already depleted, and thus must achieve victory by utilizing a small number of a variety of units.

Victory window message
For an extra challenge, try winning without depleting the supplies of more than 3 different units. How low can you go?

Hints and solution[edit | edit source]

General hints and tips[edit | edit source]

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If you keep the number of attacking gunbots manageable, it is easier to absorb the Grenadier Bot's pixies the turn it comes active than to shoot them down before they go off.
It is viable to ignore the Endo Structor or to kill it early.

Starting Turns[edit | edit source]

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1. DD
2. BA
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3. BT15
4. R117

Solution[edit | edit source]

Assume all Drones are activated every turn unless otherwise noted.

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Turn Build Order Units to Click Enemies to Target (If defenders are overrun)
1. DD
2. BA
3. BT15
4. R117
5. 19- All clickable units (Overrun Defenders)
6. 255 All clickable units Module Forge
7. T1- Immolite and Electrovore One Pixie
8. 3 Electrovore, Pixie, and both Nitrocybes Grenadier Bot and a Pixie
9. EE0 Immolite, Electrovore, one Pixie, Grenade Mech Two Tough Gunbots
10. DB1 Electrovore, All Pixies, Grenade Mech, Smorcus Grenadier Bot and a Tough Gunbot
11. WEEE Immolite, Two Pixies, Smorcus Two Tough Gunbots and a Module Forge
12. WDD Both Pixies, Smorcus Grenadier Bot and a Pixie
13. WE59 Immolite, Grenade Mech Tough Gunbot
14. EB77 Electrovore, All Pixies Three Tough Gunbots
15. B Nitrocybe, Immolites, Electrovore, Grenade Mech, Smorcus Three Tough Gunbots
16. B Electrovore, 3 Pixies, Grenade Mech, Smorcus Tough Gunbot, Module Forge
17. VICTORY All clickable units VICTORY