Shiver Yeti

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Shiver Yeti
Red resource unit
Prompt (Prompt: blocks immediately)
Ability: Chill2 (Chill 2: add 2 chill to target until next turn. Units with chill greater than or equal to their health cannot block.)
Supply: 10
Cost: 5GoldRed resource
Build time: Build time0
Health: Health2
Position: Middle Right
A Shiver Yeti

Shiver Yeti is a Red PromptPrompt Blockerblocker unit which has the AbilityAbility to Chillchill.

Panel[edit | edit source]


Strategy[edit | edit source]

Shiver Yeti is similar to Rhino in several ways, however its usage differs notably. While both units share the same cost, have PromptPrompt, BlockerBlocker and Health2 Health, Rhino has Stamina2 Stamina and produces Attackattack, while Shiver Yeti can chill for Chill2. While the impact of Shiver Yeti is somewhat more noticeable, in order to have persistent impact on the field, they must be kept alive, unlike Rhinos which eventually run out of Stamina and may soak instead. This makes Shiver Yeti less appealing to use for eventual blocking. However, as an immediate blocker it is usually just as good or better than Rhino, since Rhino will threaten to deal 1 damage instead of being sacrificed, but Shiver Yeti will threaten to chill for 2 instead. If you plan on just sacrificing them on defense anyway, the fact that Shiver Yeti loses its impact when you block with it is irrelevant.

Shiver Yeti is not a very efficient way to pressure your opponent - if it eternally freezes Health2 of defenders, it could be compared to 2 Gauss Charges but is much more expensive. Nevertheless, since it can chill as many times as you want without having to pay any sort of cost for it, it is exceptionally potent at countering lifespan defenders. It can be also situationally usable for exploiting your opponent, by freezing their Engineers. Several can be used to continuously freeze a legendary absorber such as Centurion and thereby deny absorb. Centurion is still a great deal vs Shiver Yeti denial though.