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Note: the contents or subject of this page may change dramatically without warning in the future

Given a match's replay code, you can access all the stored data about that Prismata match, including players, winner, units, time controls, and more.

To access the replay data, access the following URL, replacing REPLA-YCODE with the replay code of the match. Special character + will need to replaced by %2B.

The page will return a gzipped JSON file called temp. Sample JSON can be viewed here.

Replay Codes[edit | edit source]

The regex /^[a-z0-9@+]{5}-[a-z0-9@+]{5}$/i exactly matches valid replay codes. This does not mean the given replay actually exists; you'll need to examine the response from the URL above to determine that. All valid replay codes will match that regex, though. Check it out here.

Units[edit | edit source]

The units available for purchase in a game are in the mergedDeck array under the top-level deckInfo hash.

Nivo Charge unit information

    "targetAmount": 5,
    "toughness": 1,
    "name": "Volatile Blast",
    "assignedBlocking": 0,
    "lifespan": 1,
    "defaultBlocking": 0,
    "buyCost": "2G",
    "score": "0",
    "targetAction": "disrupt",
    "abilityScript": {
        "selfsac": true
    "rarity": "normal",
    "UIName": "Nivo Charge"

Terminology[edit | edit source]

Some of the terminology used in the JSON reflects the history of Prismata, and are not the terms we use today. The most noticeable perhaps is the name of the units; they are universally referred to by their "name" attribute apart from their entry in the "mergedDeck" array, which you can use to pair them up to their better known "UIName".

JSON term Common term Notes
toughness Health
rarity Supply 'trinket' = 20; 'normal' = 10; 'rare' = 4; 'legendary' = 1
undefendable Frontline
buySac Sacrifice Forcefield, for example
disrupt Chill
receive '1' = 1 Gold; 'A' = 1 Attack; 'G' = 1 green; 'B' = 1 Blue; 'C' = 1 red; 'H' = 1 energy;
abilityScript Click Ability
delay Exhaust

Game results

Game result Status code Notes
RESULT_WHITE 0 White won
RESULT_BLACK 1 Black won
RESULT_DRAW 2 Game Drawn
RESULT_ABORT 3 Game aborted (does not affect rating)

Game end conditions

End condition End code Notes
ENDCON_RESIGN 0 A player resigned
ENDCON_ELIMINATE 1 A player was eliminated
ENDCON_TIME 2 A player lost due to running out of time
ENDCON_AGREEDRAW 10 Players agreed to a draw
ENDCON_FORCEDRAW 11 Players ended up in a draw by repetition
ENDCON_FAIL 20 User failed a mission
ENDCON_SUCCEED 21 User cleared a mission
ENDCON_DISCONNECT 30 A player disconnected
ENDCON_DOUBLEDISCONNECT 31 Both players disconnected
ENDCON_TOOLONG 32 Game took too long