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This page is intended as a list of Prismata players participating in a coaching initiative based on the KGS Teaching Ladder. Basically, if you are interested in coaching a weaker players, add yourself to the list below. Remember that even a fairly new player can teach much to someone even newer, so don't hesitate to sign up! If enough mentors are interested, we might arrange some sort of weekly sessions, but for now I am primary imagining one-on-one coaching sessions.

Available coaches[edit | edit source]

Ygfijj (1800 Tier X) I'll happily teach any weaker players. I am usually on during European evenings, PM me on Reddit(same username) to arrange a time.

thatfrenchkid96 (elo 1000-1100) is willing to coach beginners, and lives in the Eastern Time Zone.

eX_ploit (Tier 9 and climbing) Slightly different name in-game - eXploit (without underscore, it's not allowed in Prismata). I like to analyze replays. Add me to friends and I'll help you anytime I'm available.