Practically Legal (Expert Challenge)

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Practically Legal is the 1st mission of the third episode in the Campaign. The mission presents the player with waves of enemies to fight off with a powerful attacking unit with intermittent availability.

Victory window message
Wave-clearing missions like these have a strong "snowball effect". The first few turns are extremely important!

Hints and solution[edit | edit source]

General hints and tips[edit | edit source]

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You have very little absorb in this mission, so clearing attackers is a high priority.
The enemies in this mission come into play delayed, not under construction, so you may attack them as soon as you have breached all defenders.
Obviously you will want to get 4 Conduits as quickly as you can.

Solution[edit | edit source]

The Photonic Rainmaker should be clicked on any turn where you have 13 or more Gaussite.

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Turn Build Order Hold Back
1. CC
2. CC
3. AE
4. R2
5. TT 1xPerforator
6. TT 1xRhino, 1xPerforator
7. EET
8. DT
9. DT
10. ADE1
11. TT1
12. RT2
13. ER11 1xRhino, 1xPerforator
14. R111 1xPerforator
15. R22
16. ER2
17. DEER
18. DDD2
19. EEEER1 2xPerforator
20. EEEE22 1xPerforator