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Blue resource unit
Ability, and sacrifice Pixie: gain Attack
Supply: 20
Cost: 1GoldBlue resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health1
Attack: Attack
Position: Middle Far Right
A Pixie

Pixie is a cheap Blue unit used to gain offensive finesse and increase one's damage threat.

Panel[edit | edit source]


Strategy[edit | edit source]

A Pixie is sacrificed for AttackAttack when you Abilityclick it. Assuming a Blue resourceblue costs more than one Goldgold, then at 1GoldBlue resource a Pixie costs more than the Engineer that it will likely kill. Buying Pixies for damage is therefore inefficient.

The main use of Pixie is to spend Blue resource that you otherwise would have a hard time spending. In the early game you can buy a Blastforge to get a Wall without having to either let the Blue resource decay or spend a large amount of Gold on a Steelsplitter on subsequent turns. You can instead buy a Pixie or two while spending the extra Gold on other units. Pixies also combine well with high tech Blue resource blue units that don't use all your Blue resource every turn after they are bought such as Odin, Apollo, Defense Grid, and Energy Matrix by cheaply spending extra Blue resource.

The damage that Pixies have is very flexible which punishes a lack of defensive granularity. By choosing how many Pixies you want to click you can force your opponent to defend in an uncomfortable way.

Stacking Pixies[edit | edit source]

A common beginner strategic mistake is to constantly use Blue resource every turn to create a large stack of Pixies, hoping to eventually Breach. This strategy isn't valid because all it takes to counter it is the opponent buying an Engineer for every Pixie and just defend the rest of the constant damage without using it, making it so when the Pixie stack is detonated each Pixie kills an Engineer and nothing more.