Omega Factor (Expert Challenge)

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Omega Factor is the fourth mission of the first episode in Prismata. Complete all the missions of the episode to unlock the expert mission challenges. This mission is a puzzle that includes economy timing and assigning the optimal amount of damage while defending. Below are hints and a solution.

Victory window message
This challenge admits a solution in which only a single Engineer is constructed. Can you find it?

Hints and Solution[edit | edit source]

Info: Puzzles may have more than one successful strategy and solution. The hints here refer to one solution, described progressively below.

+ Show general hints 
Omega Splitters will be your main army. Don‘t overinvest in support units (overtech, that is).
The armies remain balanced until the very end. In one solution however, you might be breached twice in the end phase if you decide to overrun: manage that cleverly.
Steelsplitter can make defence and offence more effective.
+ Show hints1 
As is in the tip, you will need to completely clear wave 1 by the end of turn 9. Wave 2 however, cannot be cleared without sacrificing too much (two gunbots remain).
There is no need to try adding drones after the starting phase in this mission.
You will only need 3 Blastforges (however another solution uses 4)
+ Show hints2 
Keep building Omegas. By the end of turn 10 have 4 omegas ready and a Steelsplitter queued.
You will want to use a single Steelsplitter (build it after turn 7) for the entirety of this mission to assign values for attack and defence more precisely than that from Omegas.
+ Show start 
Stop building drones at 15 (another solution is exactly 20 drones)
Have your Omega Splitter ready by turn 6 with one more building into turn 7.
+ Show winning build 
Turn 1: DD
Turn 2: DD E
Turn 3: DDD
Turn 4: D BBB
Turn 5: O
Turn 6: O
Turn 7: O
Turn 8: E WW
Turn 9: E O
Turn 10:S WW
Turn 11:O
Turn 12:WWW
Turn 13:WWW
Turn 14:WWW
Turn 15:WWW
Turn 16:WWW
Turn 17:WWW

One Engineer[edit | edit source]

The victory screen hints that the challenge can be cleared without constructing more than one Engineer.

This solution constructs 1 Engineer, 5 Omega Splitters, 0 Steelsplitters, and 23 Walls.

+ Show winning build 
Turn 1: DD
Turn 2: DD E
Turn 3: DDD
Turn 4: D BBB
Turn 5: O
Turn 6: O
Turn 7: O (Hold O)
Turn 8: WWW
Turn 9: O (Opp exploits defense)
Turn 10: WWW
Turn 11: O
Turn 12: WWW (Opp breaches for 0)
Turn 13: WWW
Turn 14: WWW (Hold O)
Turn 15: WWW (Opp breaches, kills O)
Turn 16: WW (Hold D)
Turn 17: WW
Turn 18: W
Turn 19: VICTORY