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Blue resource unit
When Odin is bought, construct 3 Steelsplitters.
Ability, and consume a Steelsplitter: gain AttackAttackAttackAttack
Supply: 1
Cost: 20GoldBlue resourceBlue resourceBlue resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health4
Attack: AttackAttackAttackAttack
Position: Middle Right
An Odin

Odin is a high-pressure legendary blue unit. It has a large amount of HealthHealth, comes with three Steelsplitters, and threatens four AttackAttack damage but consumes a Steelsplitter to deal that damage.

Panel[edit | edit source]

Odin-panel.png Steelsplitter-panel.png

Strategy[edit | edit source]

As the unit with the highest gold cost in the game, Odin requires a high economy. On the turn you purchase Odin, you will unlikely be able to buy anything else. As compensation for the cost, Odin immediately threatens Attack7 Attack when bought--an amount of pressure only matched by the mighty Tia Thurnax. The high tempo of buying Odin will usually give you time to assemble more attackers while your opponent scrambles for defense.

If there are few other Blue resourceBlue Units in the Random set, it is generally ill-advised to tech for the Odin, since the Blue resource is likely to be wasted on future turns.

Deciding whether to use Odin's AbilityAbility can be tricky. By sacrificing a Steelsplitter, which costs 6GoldBlue resource, player gain Attack4, which will cause the other player to lose about a Wall and an Engineer in defense, which would add up to 7GoldBlue resource. This trade by itself is favorable, however, the extra absorb that an unclicked Odin can offer over a Wall is extremely valuable. Therefore, it is usually correct to save Odin on defense, barring cases where it is useless as a absorber due to having another unit with more than Health4 Health, such as Centurion or Defense Grid, or cases where clicking it would allow its owner to breach and deal significant damage in doing so.

Combos[edit | edit source]

Odin has two main types of combos: tech fixes that mitigate the drawback of committing to 3 Blastforges, and blue pressure units that can be bought after Odin to put even more hurt on your opponent.

Tech fixes:

  • Centrifuge is good with just about any high-tech legendary.
  • Steelforge is a more efficient way to get your second Blastforge, but more importantly provides quality tech sink through its click ability - not to mention, it produces Steelsplitters in case you ran out from clicking Odin.
  • Synthesizer is another way to get Odin without three Blastforges. Synth is most effective in sets where the main attacker(s) and/or defender(s) you want are actually green and Odin was the only reason to get blue; this is very effective if the set contains Asteri Cannon or Plexo Cell, for example.
  • Pixie, Oxide Mixer, and Manticore are blue units that cost very little gold. Manticore is also effective because you will already have some extra Steelsplitters laying around.

Pressure units:

  • Drake is one of the best blue attackers in the game, and it also puts on a lot of pressure instantly. It pulls double duty as a tech fix since its click ability can dispose of unwanted Blastforges.
  • Grenade Mech is one of the most obvious examples of a pressure unit in general. It also doubles as a tech fix. For maximum pressure, click Grenade Mech and Odin on the same turn.

Another combo is Lancetooth, since it allows you to spend away the attack from your Steelsplitters instead of letting it get absorbed. This makes rushing Odin quickly very attractive, since generally speaking the reason not to rush attack quickly is absorb, which Lancetooth counters.

Openings[edit | edit source]

Both players have multiple possible openings with which to rush out Odin. The fastest possible build is available to Player 2:

  1. DD
  2. DD (floating 4)
  3. DDB (floating 4)
  4. BB (floating 7)
  5. Odin

This build is terrible however, and should easily lose provided Player 1 doesn't play right into it. Player 1 should not set up to get Odin right after this, because once Player 2 gets Odin they will be forced to either delay their own for a while or get breached buying it. However, Player 1 should have no trouble beating the build if they go for a slower Odin, since Player 2 will be dreadfully overteched in the coming turns and Player 1 will not.

The fastest reasonable build is available to Player 1:

  1. DD
  2. DDE
  3. DDD
  4. DDDB
  5. DBB (floating 3GoldBlue resource)
  6. Odin

This build should be much tougher to beat since it leaves Player 1 far less overteched than the previous build left Player 2, and puts Player 2 in the same predicament (either delay Odin for a while or get breached buying it).

A slower build is available to Player 2:

  1. DD
  2. DDE
  3. DDDC
  4. DDDB
  5. DDBB (floating 1, wasting blue)

Having to buy a Conduit early on is unfortunate, but player 2 often has no choice - floating 4 gold for two turns in a row is just so bad. However, most base + 8 sets have some green units that will be good at some point, so it isn't necessarily the end of the world.

There is also an even slower build, for Player 1:

  1. DD
  2. DDE
  3. DDD
  4. DDDB
  5. DDDS
  6. BBSD or BBDDD

Change log[edit | edit source]

  • January 14th, 2019
    • Health decreased from Health4 to Health3.
  • December 9th, 2015
    • Cost increased from 19GoldBlue resourceBlue resourceBlue resource to 20GoldBlue resourceBlue resourceBlue resource
  • August 8th, 2015
    • Cost decreased from 21GoldBlue resourceBlue resourceBlue resource to 19GoldBlue resourceBlue resourceBlue resource, health decreased from Health5 to Health4.
  • October 11th, 2014
    • Cost increased from 18GoldBlue resourceBlue resourceBlue resource to 21GoldBlue resourceBlue resourceBlue resource.
  • October 4th, 2014
    • Added.

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