Kinetic Driver

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Kinetic Driver
Green resource unit
Lifespan6 (Lifespan 6: dies after 6 turns)
At the start of your turn, gain Attack
Ability, pay 2Gold, and sacrifice Kinetic Driver: Destroy any Animus, Blastforge, or Conduit.
Supply: 4
Cost: 5GoldGreen resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health1
Attack: Attack
Lifespan: Lifespan6
Position: Middle Far Right
A Kinetic Driver

Kinetic Driver is a Green unit.

Panel[edit | edit source]


Strategy[edit | edit source]

Kinetic Driver is a 1Attack unit for 5GoldGreen resource - 1Gold cheaper per attack than Gauss Cannon. However, Kinetic Driver has a limited lifespan, so it deals less total damage than a Gauss Cannon. It also lacks the Gauss Cannon's high health and therefore is not Breachproof-compatible. The main value of the Kinetic Driver is clearly not in its stats but in its Ability ability. This ability sacrifices the Kinetic Driver plus 2Gold in order to destroy any Animus, Blastforge, or Conduit. This does NOT include other similar-but-different structures like Synthesizer or Steelforge, and also does not include units that are Under Construction.

Generally you want to wait until your Kinetic Driver is on 1Lifespan to use its ability (at which point it really only costs 2Gold because the Kinetic Driver is dying anyway). However there are some cases where you might want to use it before then. For example, killing your opponent's Animus the turn before they buy an Amporilla is a highly cost-effective use of a Kinetic Driver. Not only must your opponent pay 6Gold to buy a new Animus, but they will have to wait another turn to double their Tarsiers' Attack. Similarly effective uses are delaying your opponent's Centurion, Arka Sodara, or other large tech-heavy units.

Another use is to control your opponent's defense options. For example, killing a Blastforge can force your opponent to buy two Rhinos or two Forcefields in lieu of a standard Wall. For Rhinos, this forces them to pay 10Gold rather than the Wall's 5Gold (albeit they get 1 more defense for the increased cost), and forcing your opponent to buy Forcefields means losing two drones - this is not even to mention that they must rebuy the Blastforge unless they want to do this again next turn. And if you can leave your opponent without enough resources to buy those inefficient defenses, you can force them to leave drones back or even suffer a breach. This advantage is only increased in sets where more powerful defenses are available. For example, in a set with Polywall, your opponent must pay even more to get the equivalent blocking strength.

Replays[edit | edit source]

This one is a good example of Kinetic Driver being used to deny an important purchase (Arka Sodara): 7ktde-HjSrY

Change log[edit | edit source]

  • October 15, 2015
    • Cost of Ability ability reduced from 3Gold to 2Gold.
  • May 23rd, 2015
    • Cost of Ability ability reduced from 4Gold to 3Gold.
  • March 22nd, 2015
    • Added to the game.