Incendiary Biorobotics

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Incendiary Biorobotics is the bonus mission and last (9th) mission of the first episode in the Campaign. This mission is an endurance test, where the player must juggle defending against an ever-increasing amount of damage with destroying attackers before they overwhelm you.

Victory window message
Bonus missions like this one have Expert Challenges as well, but be warned: they are extra challenging!

Hints and solution[edit | edit source]

General hints and tips[edit | edit source]

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Keeping up with the Tough Fab itself is not terribly difficult. It is when the Gunbot Forges come online that the challenge gets difficult.
Because of the nature of this puzzle, you will most likely reach a stable position several turns before you actually kill the Tough Fab.

Starting Turns[edit | edit source]

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1. DD
2. DDB
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4. DDD1

Solution[edit | edit source]

"Optimal" block (hit 'Q') should be used every turn. When selecting targets, you should prioritize destroying as many attackers as possible while minimizing "wasted" damage unless otherwise instructed. 1=Flame Animus, 2=Shadowfang

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1. DD
2. DDB
4. DDD1
5. DDB1
6. ETW1
8. WW2
9. WW2
10. WW2
11. WW2
12. WW2
13. WW2
14. WW2
15. WW2
16. WW2
17. WWW2
18. WWW2