High Score (Expert Challenge)

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High Score is the bonus mission and last (9th) mission of the second episode in the Campaign. This mission is extremely tough and stumps even the most veteran of Prismata players.

Victory window message
It's actually possible to clear this Expert Challenge without buying Ossified Drone at all (but only barely!)

Hints and solution[edit | edit source]

General hints and tips[edit | edit source]

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Since the amount of Rhino stamina is limited and the objective is to survive until Turn 30, you will need to kill Gunbot Forge eventually.
As the victory window message suggests: Ossified Drone is rather inefficient and you should delay getting it until as late as possible.
It is better value to kill Tough Gunbot compared to Gunbot Forge. The former being a 3 health unit that produce 1 attack/turn compared to a 4 health unit that produce 1 health/turn (assuming that the Gunbot spawned by Gunbot Forge gets killed immediately).
It is possible to win killing 1 Tough Gunbot or 2 Tough Gunbot.
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It is possible to have 26 Drones on the field at once.
This puzzle has some small leeway, because your opponent must kill your last few Animus as well.
You want to get in a kind of sustaining cycle in which you can take all of your opponent's attack and kill a Gunbot each turn.

Starting Turns[edit | edit source]

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1. DD
2. A
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3. R Ferritin Sac D
4. RR

Solution[edit | edit source]

This is the best known solution for Expert High Score. Defined by highest turn number survived followed by least damage overkilled(by the bot).
Annotations: Before ")" means absorb on (ctrl-click); after "(" means hold back. Otherwise always assume to absorb on the highest health blocker and click every unit. 1=Ossified Drone, 2=Ferritin Sac

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Kill Tough Gunbot if you are attacking for 3 and kill Gunbot Forge if you are attacking for 4, else kill Gunbots.
1. DD
2. A
3. R2D
4. RR
5. W2EE
6. R2D
7. R2W
8. R2W(R
9. R2W
10. R)R2W
11. RR(R
12. R)WW(DD
13. 22EEEE(R
14. 2DD(R
15. WDD - lose stamina1 rhino during Defense Phase
16. WDD1
21. AAAA
22. AAAA(11
33. E
34. E
35. E
37. Survive until bot's T37 with 6 attack killing your last 3 animus for 0 overkill.