Guardian Rube (Expert Challenge)

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Guardian Rube is the 2nd mission of the third episode of the Campaign. In this mission you use red units to defeat an opponent with blue and green units.

Victory window message
Tyranno Smorcus was our first community-designed unit, created by Daniel 'weiseguy' Weiser, winner of the Prismata Alpha World Championship.

Hints and Solution[edit | edit source]

General Hints and Tips[edit | edit source]

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Between the opponent's Energy Matrix, Plexo Cells, and Barriers, it will take a long time to pass the absorb barrier. Until you do, Bloodrager is highly efficient to buy.
You won't need many Tarsiers or Rhinos, but they're useful as your first units.
Grimbotches are excellent for increasing your attack quickly. This lets you buy more Bloodragers, and it pressures the opponent to buy fewer attackers. Grimbotches can also be used as (relatively) efficient soak later on.
Corpus is a key defensive unit in this battle. Always click it.

Solution[edit | edit source]

This solution uses 19 Drones, 2 Animuses, and 6 Bloodragers. The solution may vary depending on the AI.

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  1. DDE
  2. DDD
  3. DDD
  4. DDDAA
  5. RTTTE
  6. 2222E (Hold R)
  7. 554 (Absorb on 4)
  8. 55 (Click 4. Hold 2)
  9. 551 (Click 4. Hold 2222)
  10. 224EE (Hold 2)
  11. 24EEE (Click 4)
  12. 22E (Click 44)
  13. 24EEE (Click 4)
  14. RRR (Click 4. Kill SD. Hold 22)
  15. RRR (Click 4. Kill SSSDD. Hold 2)
  16. ...