Five-Cycle (Expert Challenge)

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Five-Cycle is the 5th mission of the second episode in the Campaign.

Hints and solution[edit | edit source]

General hints and tips[edit | edit source]

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Don't get breached after the 1st turn.
It's not necessary to build more Tarsiers.
Perforators, Engineers, Nitrocybes, and Rhinos that have attacked twice are more efficient defense than Husks or Rhinos that have not attacked.
If you'll be destroying some of the urban sentries, you don't need to defend against all of them.

Solution[edit | edit source]

When shield is down, click every unit unless otherwise noted. When shield is up, only click drones.

First 5 turns + Show solution 
Turn Build Order Notes
1. AAA Lose some Tarsiers
2. R13333
3. ER2444
4. EEER33 Hold Nitrocybe
5. EEEEE444
Turns 6-10 + Show solution 
Turn Build Order Notes
6. EEEEE111112
7. E133333
8. EER11144 Hold all Nitrocybes
9. ER3333 Hold Nitrocybe, 1 Perforator
10. ER12244 Hold Perforator
Turns 11-15 + Show solution 
Turn Build Order Notes
11. R22222 Hold 3 Drones
12. E222223
13. RR1112
14. R12223
15. Breach and destroy Overheat Ray. It's just mop-up after this.