Fission Turret

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Fission Turret
Green resource unit
Lifespan5 (Lifespan 5: dies after 5 turns)
At the start of your turn, gain Attack
Ability, pay EnergyEnergyEnergy, and sacrifice Fission Turret: gain Green resourceGreen resourceGreen resource
Supply: 10
Cost: 4GoldGreen resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health1
Attack: Attack
Lifespan: Lifespan5
Position: Middle Far Right
A Fission Turret

Fission Turret is a Green unit. It's an inexpensive, weak Attackattacker with limited LifespanLifespan that can be Abilitysacrificed to obtain Green resourceGreen resources.

Panel[edit | edit source]


Strategy[edit | edit source]

Fission Turret can provide you one Attackattack each turn throughout its Lifespan5 Lifespan. Its AbilityAbility gets you a burst of Green resource3 green for the cost of Energy3 energy through self-sacrifice.

Fission Turret's GoldGold and tech cost is rather similar to a Tarsier, with one Green resourcegreen instead of one Red resourcered. However, Fission Turret has a lifespan of Lifespan5 instead of Tarsier's Build time2 build time.

Generally, the best use of a Fission Turret would be to let it attack each turn and use its AbilityAbility the turn before it dies due to LifespanLifespan. You have to make sure to have Energy3 energy at your disposal for this specific turn. Therefore, Fission Turret has good synergy with Engineer producing units, such as Hellhound or Sentinel.

Fission Turret's AbilityAbility gives you the Green resourcegreen for one high green cost units like Asteri Cannon or Cluster Bolt on a single Conduit. In sets with such units, you might want to buy one Fission Turret each turn to be able to continuously pop them. It also makes Forcefield very efficient, as the essentially free Green resourceGreen resourceGreen resource comes for a loss of 1Gold or so at most, Engineers are non efficient soak.

Fission Turret can also be use as a fast source of Attackdamage at any point in the game when you want to put pressure on your opponent immediately even if you do not plan on using its ability.

Openings[edit | edit source]

Player 1 has an efficient way to get the first Conduit while cutting only a small amount of economy if Fission Turret is in the set:

  1. DD
  2. DC
  3. DD + Fission Turret

Change log[edit | edit source]

  • May 23rd, 2015
    • Lifespan increased from Lifespan4 to Lifespan5. Ability ability cost reduced from Energy4 energy to Energy3, but produces Green resourceGreen resourceGreen resource instead of Green resourceGreen resourceGreen resourceGreen resource.
  • December 1st, 2014
    • Added.