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Disambig.png This article is about the unit named Drone. For other uses, see Drone (disambiguation).
Colorless unit
Ability: gain 1Gold
Supply: 20
Cost: 3GoldEnergy
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health1
Position: Middle Far Left
A Drone

Drone is an Colorless unit and part of the base set. It produces 1Goldgold per turn.

Panel[edit | edit source]


Strategy[edit | edit source]

The humble Drone is one of the most important units in Prismata. Their AbilityAbility to produce GoldGold is the key to building up your Attackattack, your Blockerdefenses, and everything else in between.

How many Drones you purchase ultimately depends on what sort of strategy you are pursuing. Random sets featuring strong Red resourcered early-game Attackattackers may warrant buying fewer Drones than more expensive late-game units. On average for most games, you should build 10-14 Drones at the beginning of the game.

Drones cost GoldGold and EnergyEnergy. This means that Drones will payback its GoldGold cost in 3 turns. Buying an Engineer and then a Drone means that the Drone will pay that total purchase in 5 turns. Consequently, you should try not to lose your early-game Engineers until you have bought all the Drones you want to buy!

On the other hand, a common new player mistake is to buy more Drones than are needed. If you build up too much economy, you will fall behind in Attackattack.

Drones can also be converted into Blockerblockers. At the most basic level, you can use Drones as Health1 Health blockers. This can be a good play if you are about to lose all your Blockerblockers and want to keep a high-Healthhealth absorbing unit. Alternatively, the Green resourcegreen resource allows you to convert Drones into more efficient Blockerblockers such as Forcefield.