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There are many types of items gained during gameplay. They are all related to the cosmetics system of Prismata, and allow you to get new skins and emotes.

Items[edit | edit source]

Power Core[edit | edit source]

Power Cores allow you to play one round of the Armory flipping 5 cards. Power fragments are 100th of a Power Core. When you have 100, they are automatically converted to a Power Core. You can get Cores and fragments through Ranked play rewards. You can also get a full Power Core for your first and third win of the day.

Omnipower Core[edit | edit source]

Omnipower Cores allow you to play one round of the Armory but with 2 extra flips, for a total of 7 flips. There are no fragments for Omnipower Cores. You can get them as a rare Ranked Play reward, and as a raffle prize in some Events.

Black Lab Card[edit | edit source]

Black Lab cards allow you to play one round of the Black Lab. You will get a Black card for every X points that you get in the Armory.

Golden and Platinum Tickets[edit | edit source]

Golden and Platinum tickets will, respectively, double and triple the rarity score of the rewards from a single ticket of Ranked Play. See the Ranked Play rewards below. You can get them as a moderately rare Ranked Play reward, or buy them for Shards directly.

Shards[edit | edit source]

Shards let you buy items directly, or let you increase your odds of winning in the Armory and Black Lab minigames. See Cosmetics Strategy for the optimal way of using your Shards. You can get around as Ranked Play rewards (~5-20 for each ticket), as a prize for some Events, and for your second win of the day (15).

Infusions[edit | edit source]

Infusions let you customize the aspect and animations of your emotes. You can get the in the Armory and Black Lab.

Units without skins[edit | edit source]