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Colorless unit
Fragile (Fragile: does not heal)
At the start of your turn, gain Green resource
Supply: 10
Cost: 4Gold
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health3
Position: Back Far Left
A Conduit

Conduit is a Colorless unit and part of the base set. It produces one Green resourceGreen resource per turn.

Panel[edit | edit source]


Strategy[edit | edit source]

The Conduit grows a crystalline Resource called Gaussite, but more commonly referred to as Green resourcegreen. Green is similar to GoldGold as it can be stored between turns allowing you to build a stockpile of resources. In games featuring high cost green units, it may be advantageous to purchase a Conduit early to allow the resource to accumulate.

In Random set just a few Green units, like the one-time Gauss Fabricator, or those that rely on other colors than Green, think carefully before buying more Conduits! While wasting Blue resourceblue and Red resourcered resources each turn is a sign of inefficiency, storing some Green resourcegreen can be useful later in the game to build Forcefields.