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Green resourceBlue resourceRed resource unit
Fragile (Fragile: does not heal)
Ability: gain AttackAttackAttack
Supply: 4
Cost: 15GoldGreen resourceBlue resourceBlue resourceRed resourceRed resource
Build time: Build time1
Health: Health8
Attack: AttackAttackAttack
Position: Middle Right
A Colossus

Colossus is a Green-blue-red unit.

Panel[edit | edit source]


Strategy[edit | edit source]

Colossus is a very strong attacker, and is also one of the highest-defence blockers in the game. Generally, maximum value is extracted from Colossus by letting it defend once for 7 damage, then subsequently using it as an attacker. Offering similar defense value to an Infusion Grid (Which adds 4 Health then 3 from absorb) all on the 1st turn, then 3 Attack from the 2nd turn, it is roughly 3Gold more efficient than Tarsiers for the extra threat and attack. If you have a unit with 5+ absorb (Energy Matrix, Centurion, etc.), Colossus will only offer a small amount of additional absorb and thus is likely a bad purchase.

If Colossus is bought for delayed defence, it is 1GoldGreen resourceBlue resourceBlue resourceRed resourceRed resource more expensive than 7x Engineer, which is generally a small price to pay for a strong attacker thereafter(if you have the necessary tech).

Counters[edit | edit source]

Colossus is hard-countered by Apollo as once you absorb with it it will be on Health1 and thus be vulnerable to sniping (Can absorb for only 4, which is mediocre value). It is also countered by units such as Bloodrager or Lancetooth that can allow the opponent to spend away some or all of their attack on the turn you defend with Colossus, decreasing the absorb you get.

Change log[edit | edit source]

  • February 17th, 2016
    • Added.