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The Armory is a mini-game where players can use power cores or omnipower cores, which can be obtained by winning Prismata matches, to win either emotes or skins. Players can also use shards, the in-game currency, to increase the chance of winning prizes.

Game Play[edit | edit source]

12 cards are shuffled, where each card has a color - red, green, or blue - and a number - 2, 3, 5, or 10. There is one card of each color / number combination. Then the player flips over 5 cards for free with a power core, and 7 with an omnipower core. The player can either click individual cards to flip them, or press "q" to flip 5 or 7 random cards immediately. Then the player can spend shards if they wish for extra flips.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Each time you play, there are random emotes and skins of varying prices available to be won, shown at the top of the screen. Each flipped card gives points equal to its number, and there are also bonuses for certain combinations which are shown on the screen during game play. Once you are done flipping, you can spend your points on as many prizes as you can afford. There is also a bonus bar which fills up based on the number of points you got, regardless of whether you spent them. The reward for filling the bonus bar is a ticket to the Black Lab, where you can play a similar flip game for prizes with higher rarity(see below).

Flip Costs[edit | edit source]

The cost in shards of flipping another card depends on the number of cards that have been flipped already. The first two non-free flips from a power core must be purchased together, costing 199 shards to flip two more cards. Later flips are purchased individually.

  • 6th flip and 7th flip (must be purchased together): 199 shards
  • 8th flip (first non-free flip with an omnipower core): 199 shards
  • 9th flip: 199 shards
  • 10th flip: 249 shards
  • 11th flip: 299 shards
  • 12th flip: 399

Resets[edit | edit source]

Since the game is still in alpha, the developers reserve the right to reset all prizes, returning all spent power cores and shards. This way, they can change the costs of prizes without giving an unfair advantage to either people who spent all their power cores and shards before the change or people who saved them up.

Black Lab[edit | edit source]

The Black Lab is how rarity 5-7 skins and emotes are won. When starting a run of the Black Lab, you choose one of six possible prizes at each rarity to play for. There are 20 cards - six silver, four red, three blue, two green, and five black Xs. You continue flipping cards until you uncover all of a particular color, or three black Xs. If you find all of the silver, red, or blue cards, you unlock the prize you selected for that level. If you uncover the two greens, you receive a random level 4 skin or emote. If you uncover three black Xs, you receive a random level 3 prize, and if you uncover three black Xs in your first three flips, you receive a Steam achievement for your terrible luck. Once you've finished you can start from the beginning for 299 shards.