AFS Concordia (Expert Challenge)

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AFS Concordia is the 5th mission of the third episode in the Campaign. The mission forces the player to deal with large bursts of damage.

Victory window message
Plexo Cell is unbelievably efficient at soaking up enemy damage. Can you win without buying all 10 of them?

Hints and solution[edit | edit source]

General hints and tips[edit | edit source]

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The units in this mission offer a sum total of 170 block. The Gaussite Bombs alone will deal 160 damage.
Mahar Rectifier is a pseudo-absorb unit. Once you have two of them, you can alternate which one blocks and which one takes damage to functionally achieve an absorb of 4.
Unless you can clear the blockers early, it is easier to manage the Gauss Cannons the enemy creates than to try to destroy the units constructing them.

Solution[edit | edit source]

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Turn Build Order Attack With
1. DDC
2. DDC
3. DE3
4. D11111222
5. E3
6. DEEG 1xMahar
7. DDDG 1xMahar
8. CGG1 1xMahar
9. DEGG 1xMahar
10. 111111122222 1xMahar
11. DEG111 1xMahar
12. DEG111 1xMahar
13. GG2 1xMahar
14. E23 1xMahar
15. DDEEE1 2xMahar
16. DDDEEE 2xMahar
17. Forcefieldx18 3xMahar